Company Introduction


Weihai Sens Fishing Tackle Company was established in 2017 and located in Weihai City Shandong Province. Our Factory plant covers more than 6000㎡ and has 50 skilled workers to produce more than 8,000 rods each month.

When we were hatching this company, we set up our goal that building up the Best Fishing Rods Factory in China. Thanks to the cooperation with a lot of famous and professional rods companies in Europe and USA, our technology and quality of rods have been improved a lot every year. And we have developed a full series of Spinning / Casting Rods, Carp Rods, Feeder/Match/Picker Rods, Slow jigging Rods, Boat/Trolling/Popping Rods, Fly Fishing Rods, Crappie Rods, Ice Rods etc

Most of all, we are always working hard to provide fishing rods that are lighter and more flexible and have sensitive touch and strong power by developing our technology, training our wokers frequently and using new materials and components.

Though we are still young, but we have the gritty determination to continue to challenge ourselves, our workers and our partners to be the best every day.

We believe that customers’ care can help to form a future-oriented image of company and improve company’s value so we hope you can visit us regularly and pay your attention to us.

Many Thanks.

Weihai Sens Fishing Tackle Company Team